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Osyron is a Canadian progressive symphonic metal band based in Calgary, Alberta. The group consists of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach (Solar Guitars) and Bobby Harley (Solar Guitars), bassist Tyler Corbett, and drummer Cody Anstey. Bridging the gap between traditional European metal and the music of their homegrown contemporaries, Osyron has created a sound all their own.

Forming under the name Osyron in 2012, the band released their debut album, Harbinger, in June 2013. After playing multiple shows around Western Canada, Osyron welcomed vocalist Reed and bassist Tyler in 2016 and released their sophomore album, Kingsbane, in 2017, taking them to new levels. Despite a limited PR campaign, the overall strength of Kingsbane caught the attention of fans and people in the music industry. The "Kingsbane" video, with its medieval battle scenes, was striking and gained the band many new fans.

In 2018, Osyron released a metal cover of the Canadian national anthem, which pulled patriotic heartstrings across the country. This patriotic theme continued into their third album, Foundations. Stemming from a perspective of Canadian identity and culture, both past and present, it challenges the global perspective of the Great White North by retelling historical moments in an immersive and melodic manner. Speaking on topics ranging from Canada's colonization to the mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginal heroes to the country's participation in global warfare, Foundations reveals what can sometimes be viewed as the dark underbelly of Canada that led the nation to where it is today.

Foundations was released in July 2020 via SAOL/The Orchard, and was the first album with drummer Cody. Despite being released during the global pandemic, Osyron found a way to create and deliver five great videos - one for each song on the album. Foundations grabbed the attention of critics and fans in Europe and North America and paved the way for expansion into other marketplaces worldwide. It spent 9 weeks on the Canadian charts with 11 appearances across various stations reaching #2 on CJSW (Calgary) and #6 on the !earshot National Loud Chart. Osyron was nominated for the 2021 YYC Music Awards "Metal Recording of the Year" for Foundations.

With the pandemic dragging on and no ability to tour because of it, Osyron decided to re-release their Kingsbane album in May 2021 as a Deluxe Edition to reach a much wider audience. Besides remixing and remastering the original recordings for a fresh sound, they took three of the songs ("Viper Queen", "Griefmaker", and "Razor's Wind") and reimagined them rewriting and rerecording them to reflect their evolution as a band. The album has had 26 Canadian chart appearances over 15 weeks including 5 times at #1 on CJSW (Calgary), #1 on the weekly !earshot National Loud Chart, and #1 for the month of August on the !earshot National Loud Chart.

The fall of 2021 continued to be exciting for Osyron. Their metal version of "O Canada" was chosen for a Destination Canada ski video ad to be shown to targeted ski audiences on social media globally, and before all worldwide showings of Warren Miller's new 2021 ski movie. In addition, Osyron's grant application to FACTOR Canada (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) was approved and they are the recipients of the coveted Juried Sound Recording Grant. Receiving a grant of this magnitude is a game-changer and Osyron is truly thankful for the support from the Jurors and FACTOR. This grant will allow Osyron to reach more fans worldwide through enhanced social media presence, media coverage worldwide, and touring both within and outside of the Canadian borders.

Osyron has performed alongside numerous major acts such as Norther, Protest the Hero, Into Eternity, Threat Signal, and The Agonist. They were also finalists in the Calgary edition of the Wacken Metal Battle in 2019. They performed at the 2021 Loud as Hell Festival (Into Eternity, Arrival of Autumn, Planet Eater, and more) kickoff show in Drumheller, AB, and were invited back later that weekend to perform on the main stage. Osyron will be playing select shows across Western Canada into winter 2022, and look forward to touring across Canada and beyond later in 2022. Currently working on their next full-length album (to be released in 2022), they are excited to take their sound across the Atlantic to put on a true Canadian spectacle all across the European lands.


Kingsbane - Deluxe Edition (2021)

01 - From Ashes (2021 Remaster) | Listen
02 - To War (2021 Remaster) | Listen
03 - Razor's Wind (2021 Remaster) | Listen
04 - Viper Queen (2021 Remaster) | Listen
05 - Griefmaker (2021 Remaster) | Listen
06 - Kingsbane (2021 Remaster) | Listen
07 - Empire of Dust (2021 Remaster) | Listen
08 - Kingmaker (2021 Remaster) | Listen
09 - Razor's Wind (Acoustic) | Listen
10 - Griefmaker (Re-recorded) | Listen
11 - Viper Queen (Re-recorded) | Listen

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Foundations (2020)

01 - The Cross | Listen
02 - Ignite | Listen
03 - Battle of the Thames | Listen
04 - The Ones Below | Listen
05 - Foundations | Listen

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Kingsbane (2017)

01 - From Ashes | Listen
02 - To War | Listen
03 - Razor's Wind | Listen
04 - Viper Queen | Listen
05 - Griefmaker | Listen
06 - Kingsbane | Listen
07 - Empire of Dust | Listen
08 - Kingmaker | Listen

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Harbinger (2013)

01 - Visions | Listen
02 - Dormant Insurrection | Listen
03 - Becoming the Omen | Listen
04 - Gallery of Fools | Listen
05 - Lifting of the Veil | Listen
06 - Going Under | Listen
07 - Ruination | Listen
08 - Silent Judgement | Listen
09 - A Return | Listen
10 - Facing Fate | Listen
11 - Prosperity | Listen

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