July 19, 2016

Drums and distorted rhythm guitars are done! Next are the clean, acoustic, melody, and solo guitars.

Damn this is sounding pretty snazzy.

June 20, 2016

Studio update video #1 is here! In this video, we're taking a little look at how the vocal recordings went. Enjoy!

June 07, 2016

We regret to announce that there are some lineup changes for Osyron; both Curtis Manzys (drums) and Jordan Dayman (bass) are no longer a part of the band as they've moved outside of Alberta to pursue other interests. We want to thank the both of them for their time with us, and wish them the absolute best.

On that note, we are looking for a new drummer and a new bassist. If you are in the Calgary area and are interested, send a message through the contact form, on Facebook, or an email to band@osyron.com.

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